We our proud to announce our first special guest will be groundbreaking director Richard Stanley, who will be with us for the entire weekend. PLUS we will be showing his debut feature Hardware (1990) on 35mm, followed by a full Q&A with Richard.


Hardware is a totally unique, visually stunning feature that needs to be seen on the big screen. Aesthetically compared to Gilliam & Jodorowsky and with a real 1990’s man vs machine mentality that summed up the age when technology was becoming an essential part of life not a luxury, along with a stunning industrial score, Hardware is a mix of horror, sci-fi and much more. Rarely seen on the big screen, especially in 35mm, this will be an amazing one-off experience!

Richard has kindly agreed to be at Triple Six throughout the entire weekend and will be on hand to sign items, have pictures and indeed just chat with horror fans that attend. He will also be part of a Q&A after the Hardware screening where he’ll talk about Hardware and his career in general. This is something that will be a one-off and not to be missed as Richard rarely leaves his isolated location in France.